Employer Engagement Policy


This process details how Skills4Stem Ltd supports and engages with employers.


This policy applies to all Apprenticeships delivered by Skills4Stem Ltd

Out of scope

Skills4Stem Ltd works closely with a range of employers nationally. Our policy is to be employer led therefore meaning this process will vary between groups of employers. Other funding streams are also out of scope of this policy.


Marketing Process – Promotion / Employer Engagement

Skills4Stem Ltd.’s marketing approach is based on a relationship and partnership model. We offer national delivery for Apprenticeships, working closely with LEP’s where we operate, listening and responding to the needs of the local business community. We also promote apprenticeships with employers using find apprenticeship training (FAT) and other national branding, as necessary.

To build meaningful relationships within the communities we operate in, we attend regular network meetings and conferences and speak on the benefits of employing and developing existing employees with Apprenticeships.

Skills4Stem is unique providing a team that understands and are specialists in today’s specialised industries. We specialise in construction and engineering and work closely with our employers to ensure our delivery meets the needs of the industry, the employer, and our candidates/apprentices to help to promote employment growth in the sector.

Planning for learning is designed in partnership with the employer, we offer a blended approach to delivery and offer flexible solutions to ensure success. We work closely with the employer throughout the learning journey to ensure they are engaged throughout; our mentor programme ensures that the candidates/apprentice is motivated to learn throughout their programme and the employer is engaged throughout. Skills4Stem Operations Manager liaises with our employers on a regular basis to ensure the quality, compliance of good service is always promoted to our customers.

Request for Apprentice recruitment

This process includes both the recruitment and onboarding process.

Starting with initial contact between Skills4Stem Ltd and an employer we arrange a face-to-face meeting to discuss their objectives and business goals.

Once established, an assessment of suitability for the required apprenticeship/s will be made and a job description agreed. This triggers the candidate/apprentice process.

The employer is kept informed of progress during the candidate/apprentice process and will be asked to take part in the interviews for a small number of suitable candidates/apprentices. If they make a job offer and the candidate/apprentice accepts, this triggers the onboarding process where the employer is further engaged to support the designing of an appropriate apprenticeship programme.

Request for Training – Existing employee

When an employer engages with us requesting apprenticeships for existing employees, we follow a similar process. This starts with initial contact to arrange a face-to-face meeting to discuss business goals and meet the proposed apprentices. During this meeting, an assessment of the role and apprentice suitability for the programme is conducted before the onboarding process is triggered.

Apprentice On boarding

During the onboarding process the employer and candidate/apprentice will be present to:

  • Agreeing contract terms.
  • Completing Skill and Role Scans.
  • Agreeing the program of study i.e. units or industry exams to be completed.
  • English and maths initial assessment and diagnostic.

Details of the apprentice’s role and its suitability for the apprenticeship will be checked, ensuring that the apprentice will be able to evidence the required competency for the standards. This is essential for ensuring the apprentice can undertake their learning and assessment fully. The role scan is used to identify any additional projects or workplace activities that the apprentice will need to undertake. Where there are options for apprentices to take industry exams, these will be discussed with the employer and passed to the coaching team to ensure the appropriate modules are allocated to the apprentice.

Apprentice Regular Review

As part of the apprentice review process the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is reviewed between the coach and apprentice regularly, employers are required to provide feedback on their apprentice’s progress and activity in the workplace. Coaches engage with employers regularly to understand the context of the apprentice’s role and to ensure that any knowledge components are presented in the context and language of the apprentice’s workplace.

Employers are regularly sent a snapshot of their apprentice’s activity. This includes details of the ‘off the job’ activities that the apprentice has recorded. This is a non-negotiable element of apprenticeship delivery and therefore must be adhered to. Non-compliance identified by the coaches is escalated to the management team.

Employer Feedback

Annually, employers are invited to submit feedback of experience of working with Skills4Stem Ltd, this is completed through an online portal.

The feedback is tailored to be appropriate for the stage that their apprentice is at for example, the first feedback asks the employer questions about the sales and on-boarding process, subsequent feedback forms ask the employer questions about their apprentice’s experience on the program.

All feedback is delivered to the management team to be discussed at management meetings. Actions arising are communicated back to the employer who provided the feedback.

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