Appeals Policy

It is the policy of Skills4Stem to develop and maintain assessment procedures that are fair, reliable, and open to scrutiny.

Skills4Stem operates a rigorous system of internal verification to guarantee fair assessment that complies with awarding body requirements. It is recognised, however, that there could be exceptional circumstances when individual candidates/apprentices or groups may wish to appeal against recommendations or decisions relating to assessment. The following appeals procedure outlines the action that may be taken in such circumstances.

In all cases, Skills4Stem’s academic appeal process supports and supplements the appeal process for all awarding organisations. While candidates/apprentices are encouraged to follow the Skills4Stem’s internal appeals policy, candidates/apprentices have the right to appeal directly to the relevant awarding body at any time. Candidates/apprentices also have a right to appeal through the appeals procedure as stated in the NVQ Code of Practice. For all awarding organisations and for Pearson Higher Nationals, the candidate/apprentice may request support from the Quality Nominee to access and understand the awarding organisation’s appeals process.

Scope of Policy and Procedure

Candidates/apprentices will be informed at induction about the appeals policy and procedure

Any candidate/apprentice who believes that a piece of work submitted for assessment has been assessed unfairly, inconsistently or not in accordance with the standards and level required by the awarding organisation, shall have the right to appeal against the assessment mark, grade or final outcome.

In the first instance any concerns are discussed with the candidate/apprentice’s trainer. While it is recognised that in most circumstances candidate/apprentice queries relating to assessment can and will be resolved informally, the formal appeals procedure is available to support candidates/apprentices in their appeal.

If a candidate/apprentice needs help in making an appeal, this can be obtained by contacting their Trainer or a member of the Quality team.

It is the responsibility of the candidate/apprentice to inform Skills4Stem if they are not satisfied with the grading of any piece of work. The Skills4Stem Appeals Policy and Procedure enables candidates/apprentices to make a formal appeal against a recommendation or decision relating to:

  • The mark or grade for an individual item of coursework.
  • The result of an individual course.
  • Entitlement to an award.
  • The class or grade of an award.

Note: Throughout this document a piece of work shall refer to a set task which may be a written report, essay or assignment, a diagrammatic or pictorial representation, the production of a tangible item or artefact, a portfolio of work or an oral presentation or performance.

Grounds for Appeal

A candidate/apprentice may appeal against an assessment decision if he/she believes that the decision is unfair or unreasonable. Normally an appeal can be made on any one of the following grounds:

  • Relevant assessment criteria have been met but not acknowledged.
  • The assessments were not conducted in accordance with the awarding organisations’ regulations.
  • Assessment procedures, including examinations, were not conducted fairly.
  • The IQA was presented with incorrect or inaccurate assessment information.
  • There were medical or other extenuating circumstances of which the relevant course manager was unaware when assessment decisions were being made.
  • There was unfairness or impropriety on the part of one or more of the Assessors/Examiners.
  • The candidate/apprentice was unjustifiably excluded from an examination or an assessment opportunity.

For appeals related to externally assessed work or examinations, the candidate/apprentice must appeal directly to the relevant awarding body.

It is the responsibility of the candidate/apprentice to notify their Trainer in writing of any extenuating

circumstances which may be adversely affecting their candidate/apprentice performance. Normally, this is done before the assessment process takes place.

Appeals Procedure

  • The procedure for appeals is detailed below. In addition, Skills4Stem will:
  • Record, track and validate any appeal.
  • Keep appeals records for inspection by the Awarding Organisation for a minimum of 18 months.
  • Will take appropriate action to protect the interests of other candidate/apprentices and the integrity of the qualification, when the outcome of an appeal questions the validity of other results.
  • Monitor appeals to inform quality improvement.

Awarding Body Rules and Regulations

The relevant awarding body’s appeals procedure will be invoked where:

  • The issue cannot be resolved internally.
  • The appeal is in relation to an examination.

Procedure for Appeals

Stage 1- Informal

Appeal referred to and resolved by the Trainer.

Candidate/apprentice to discuss with their Trainer within 5 working days of receipt of assessment decision.

Trainer to discuss and seek to resolve in 2 working days.

Stage 2 – Informal Appeal

Appeal referred to and resolved by the IQA.

Candidate/apprentice appeal to IQA within 5 working days.

IQA to review the have piece of work and feedback on the assessment decision within 5 working days.

Stage 3- Formal Appeal

Appeal referred to and resolved by the Quality Manager.

IQA to refer any unresolved appeal to the Quality Manager within 2 working days of the above decision.

Quality Manager to review assessment decision and provide a written response to the candidate/apprentice in 5 working days.

Stage 4- External Appeal

Appeal referred to the awarding organisation for the final decision.

If the candidate/apprentice is not satisfied with the final decision from Skills4Stem they will be then be referred to the appropriate awarding organisation, where their process will then be followed.

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Internal Appeal Form

The delivery and quality team will use the form below to document each step of the individual appeal and its outcomes.

Line ManagerIQA
Stage OneResponse within 5 working days